There are any number of goals/purposes/dreams that we aim for when we lead. We lead to hit benchmarks or to see an organization grow. Or any other of a myriad of business defined ends. Sometimes we lead in ways that are designed to achieve more personal ends, e.g., to meet our need for identity, significance, […]

Leading for Fullness

Some leaders are called to do more than manage projects and direct teams. They are called to form communities or to create movements. If you are one of those leaders, a key aspect of your calling is intentionally shaping the culture of your community or movement. In this blog, we explore 3 attitudes or practices […]

3G’s of Culture Shaping Leadership

It’s the end of January, the month of new beginnings, good intentions, and New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us find ourselves in one of three camps at this point. 1) You have given up on your resolutions, your good intentions, and the illusion of new beginnings. 2) You are starting to feel the grind of […]

4 Practices to Increase Your Capacity

Over the course of this blog series you will have seen that I think there are three significant aspects of a journey worth highlighting: the destination – the ultimate ends the journey aims at, which gives a significant sense of meaning to the journey itself; the path – the actual steps of the journey itself […]

The Road to Growth Part 6: Am I Fearless?

Movement of Light

While there are a number of different ways to parse a journey out into parts, I structure a journey like this: a journey has a destination – the flag pole planted at the top of the mountain, which gives us something to aim for and a sense of direction; a journey has a route – […]

The Road to Growth Part 5: Am I Stuck?

car stuck in mud pit

One way to break down a journey is to see it as built around three parts. It has a destination – a finish line or purpose which gives the journey a sense of meaningfulness. It requires a path – the actual journey itself. The path takes us to our destination; but it also gives us […]

The Road to Growth Part 4: Am I Firm?

shovel in dirt

All journeys have many parts that we separate out and categorize in different ways. Journeys have a destination – an end which the journey aims at and which gives the journey meaning. Journeys have a path – a particular route the journey takes (detours, re-routes, and all). This forms the journey’s movement and accounts for […]

The Road to Growth Part 3: Am I Unsure?

dead end sign in a field

We can divide journeys into any number of parts: the destination, which defines the nature and trajectory of the journey; the path, which shapes the texture and movement of the journey; and drive, which imbues the journey with a sense of dynamism – to name but a few.  I would argue that all these parts […]

The Road to Growth Part 2: Am I Focussed?

dominos lined up

What is the most important part of a journey? Is it the destination? Having a clear sense of where you want to go? Is it the path? Having clarity on the road you will take? Is it the drive? Having a certain sense of momentum that keeps you moving forward?  Actually, all of these are […]

The Road to Growth Part 1: Am I Scattered?

Toy pieces scattered on the floor

"Not all those who wander are lost"

J.R.R. Tolkein

Caireen Likely is a professionally trained coach. Her goal is to help people experience transformative heart clarity, find the freedom to pursue their desires in alignment with their values, and discover the courage to risk stepping forward. Caireen is a Canadian transplant to Scotland where she lives with her husband, daughter, and adopted greyhound.

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